Effective Date: January 1, 2010

Last Updated: July 7, 2023


MDU Network Technologies attempts to give every user a pleasant experience.  The following applies to our billing practices and policies, which have been designed to give you as seamless an experience as possible.

Recurring Nature of Billing:

MDU Network Technologies provides an opt-out, pay for use service recurring monthly.  Upon payment verification, users will have access to the system and its function until the Anniversary Date the following month; at which time the service will be renewed and the account and payment used for initial activation will be re-billed. 

For avoidance of doubt, a subscriber enrolled on the 15th of a given month will have access until the 14th the following month at which time the funds will automatically be billed and another activation window will commence on the 15th.  Enrollments taking place on the 31st will process on either the 30th or the 1st approximately 30 days from the original enrollment date.

Change Payment Account:

At any time, users can access the third-party billing platform (PayPal or similar) and change the account that will be debited for service for the upcoming 30 days of activity.  Users seeking to alter the account debited for access previously granted may be subject to a $9.99 processing fee at MDU Network Technologies’ discretion. 

Returning Customers:

Customers that have had their account/service previously cancelled, suspended, or unsubscribed and wish to enroll again will be subject to the current prices, and packages at the time of re-enrollment. Previous prices, and packages will no longer be available.

Bill Payment Failure:    

If the recurring charge is rejected or does not process, MDU Network Technologies or its billing agent will attempt, for up to two to three consecutive days, to receive funds at which time the service will be canceled until payment is collected. Payments made after business hours (M-F 8:00 AM Est- 4:30 PM Est) will be turned back on the next business day.  Payments made after business hours on a Friday will not be turned back on until the following Monday.  Payments made after business hours prior to a holiday will not be turned back on until the next business day following the holiday.  Future invoice due dates maybe adjusted to reflect the length of time the prior invoice was outsatanding prior to payment.

Opt-Out or Cancel Service:

To opt-out or cancel service, users can cancel their bill payment feature through the third party billing

Agent (PayPal or similar) or call MDU Network Technologies’ corporate office at (866) 947-3368 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern. 

Failure to Cancel Service:

Failure to cancel service upon moving from the property or the location MDU Network Technologies provides service does not guarantee a refund of all or some of the fees collected during the days, months, or years the system was not utilized.  MDU Network Technologies reserves the right to examine bandwidth consumed during the time period brought into question and use its best judgment to authorize or withhold a sought refund.

Prorated Final Bill:

Upon request, MDU Network Technologies will prorate the customer’s final bill.  The final bill will be prorated based on a calendar day schedule.  For the avoidance of doubt, if the Anniversary Date is the 15th and the user is moving from the property on the 1st of the following month then the prorated charge will be the selected package price multiplied by twelve then divided by three hundred and sixty-five days then multiplied by the number of days on the system plus any additional taxes and/or fees.  Failure to request a prorated final bill shall be viewed as failing to cancel service.  Users may request one prorated bill every eighteen months and authorize MDU Network Technologies to confirm or deny if the user has left the property served by MDU Network Technologies’ system.  At its sole discretion, MDU Network Technologies can waive the number of times a user prorates their bill without moving from the location serviced by MDU Network Technologies.

Disputed Charges:

Users who initiate a Disputed Charges, Fraudulent Charges, or similar claim with their bank, credit card facility, or a third party billing service will be charged all fees and penalties charged to MDU Network Technologies on a pass through basis, re-charged the disputed amount(s), plus an additional $49.95 processing fee.  MDU Network Technologies can, and will verify system utilization for the disputed period, provide, to the fullest extent legally possible, such proof as required to parties involved, and will use all means necessary to recover fees lost and charges incurred from the disputed claim by the user for an indefinite period of time.  In addition, system access can be denied until MDU Network Technologies’ losses incurred by the disputed charges are satisfied.  At its sole discretion, MDU Network Technologies can waive these conditions.  

Service Calls:

MDU Network Technologies will verify system throughput to the data jack or system equipment required for service.  MDU Network Technologies recommends all users to contact the company Help Desk at (877) 947-3457 and exhaust user owned hardware and software issues before escalation.  If a user still cannot gain access, a technician, at the verbal or written request of the user, may be dispatched.  If the technician determines the error resides with the user’s personal equipment (computer, router, software, equipment settings, or otherwise) the user may be charged the (then current market price at each location, IE: $59.95, $65.95, $79.89 etc…) at MDU Network Technologies’ sole discretion (per visit plus any expedited truck roll which may be requested).  The technician will determine if the user is at fault by connecting the technician’s equipment to the system, not inclusive of a user’s personal router or network switch, and attempt to log on with theTechnician’s site specific username and password.  If successful, the user’s equipment will be deemed at fault and the technician’s charge will be assessed payable directly to MDU Network Technologies or through a selected third party biller (PayPal or similar).  System access can be denied if payment is not received within thirty calendar days of the technician’s visit.

Messaging and Data Rates:

MDU Network Technologies, LLC may send out text messages regarding network status, repair estimates, and other important notifications for customers.

Typically, no more than two to six messages will be sent for an event.

Carrier Message and Data Rates may apply.

To Opt-out of future messaging, please call 866-947-3368, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
1) Apartment complex name
2) Customer name
3) Building number and Apartment number
4) Telephone number (to remove from future messages)

Once a customer’s account has been cancelled, automatically the telephone number will be removed from any future messages from MDU Network Technologies, LLC.