How do Change My Card On File?

This is a simple two step process within PayPal (our payment processor) that includes: first, adding a new card and second, assigning the new card to the MDU Network Technologies preapproved payment.

Please go to, enter your PayPal username and password to login.

Step 1: Adding the new card:

  1. Click on “Wallet” located along the top bar.
  2. Click in the grey area “ + Link a bank”, or “ + Link a card” on either “Bank Account” or “Debit Card / Credit Card” depending on the funding type you are adding.
  3. Enter the new card information, and then click “Save”. You have now added your new card. Proceed to Step 2 to set the new card as the funding source.

Step 2 – Adding the new card to the existing MDU Network Technologies subscription:

  1. Click on “The Gear Icon” near the top right of the page.
  2. Scroll down to the “Payment Settings” section.
  3. Click “Preapproved payments” link.
  4. Find and click on the preapproved payment titles “MDU Network Technologies, LLC”.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and under the heading “Funding Source
  6. Click “Change” after “Backup Funding Source” now click the radio button associated with your updated card. Please note that PayPal will always have the Primary Funding Source set to PayPal Balance, this cannot be changed.

You have now successfully changed your funding source for your monthly Internet subscription.


My Payment Was Declined, What Should I Do?

After first notification of payment failure, please call PayPal and ask them "why was my payment declined?" Use the key word "Payment Attempt", by saying this phrase the customer service representative will know what to look for on the account and see why the payment failed. Once they know the reason for failure they will be able to assist in placing the account back in good standing.

Please note:
Even if there is money in your funding source, sometimes payments are inadvertently flagged for possible fraudulent charges. When this flag is triggered the payment is stopped until the charge can be researched. But if you call into customer service they can remove the flag if you authorize the payment. Therefore, on the next payment attempt (three days later) the payment will successfully process.


My Account Was Cancelled What Should I Do?

Our billing program attempts to charge your funding source twice (within a 3 day period), if both attempts are unsuccessful your account will be automatically cancelled for your protection.

If your account does get cancelled, getting service back is very easy. From your apartment, simply plug back in the wall jack or connect via your router. Next open your web browser and try to navigate to your favorite web site, upon doing so you will be re-directed to the enrollment/log-in screen. Simply click on the “first time user” link and fill out the required information with a new username. Once this is completed you will be back to the login-screen. Enter your newly created username and password, and you are back on the Internet. Please write down your username and password as well as the day’s date (you will be billed on this day every month). Happy Surfing!

Important Toll Free Contact Numbers

Paypal - 888.221.1161

MDU Net Tech Helpdesk - 877.947.3457

MDU Net Tech Billing - 866.947.3368